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Jensen SSC Services LLP is a professional steel detailing company dedicated to providing exceptional services for construction projects in the UK and USA. With our team of experienced and skilled steel detailers, we offer accurate and precise steel detailing drawings, ensuring the highest quality standards and compliance with project specifications.

Our History

Jensen SSC Services LLP was founded by Manav Singh Chauhan in June 2019. Since then, the company has accomplished many projects from 5 Countries, i.e., UK, USA, South Africa, Australia and Canada. After Covid Breakout, the company made a decision to focus on UK and USA only so as to develop and expand the teams for both countries.

Our Mission

Delivering Unwavering Excellence

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering unwavering excellence to our valued clients. Our unwavering commitment to quality is ingrained in every aspect of our work. Through meticulous processes and stringent standards, we ensure that our deliverables maintain unparalleled quality consistently. As evidence of our dedication, we proudly hold the esteemed ISO 9001 accreditation.

Open Channels of Communication

Effective communication lies at the heart of our approach. We believe in leaving no room for assumptions. Whether it’s through a quick phone call, a detailed email, or a collaborative screen share session, we maintain open channels of communication with our clients. We value their insights and actively seek their feedback, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. Furthermore, we readily provide honest and constructive feedback to our clients, as we constantly strive for improvement.

Punctuality in Project Delivery

Punctual Project Completion As a team rather than a one-person operation, we can efficiently manage our workload. Jensen Consulting takes pride in providing accurate lead times and diligently striving to meet them. In the rare event of any unforeseen circumstances that may cause a delay, we promptly inform our clients. Throughout the project, we maintain regular communication with our clients, providing them with timely updates on the progress so that they remain informed every step of the way.

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