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Fabrication Drawings

Our skilled detailers specialize in creating fabrication drawings that provide clear and detailed instructions for steel fabrication processes. With meticulous attention to detail, we produce accurate drawings that facilitate seamless fabrication and installation, ensuring smooth project execution.

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BIM Modeling

Using advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques, we create detailed 3D models that enhance collaboration, coordination, and visualization of steel structures. Our BIM modeling services enable efficient project management, clash detection, and accurate quantity take-offs, optimizing overall project efficiency.

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Clash Detection

To ensure a clash-free construction process, we conduct comprehensive clash detection analysis. By identifying and resolving clashes between various building components in the virtual environment, we help eliminate costly conflicts and minimize disruptions during construction, resulting in smoother project workflows.

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Shop Drawings

Our team excels in generating shop drawings that serve as a valuable reference for fabricators, contractors, and construction teams. These detailed drawings provide precise measurements, part specifications, and assembly instructions, enabling accurate manufacturing and streamlined on-site construction.

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